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Celeron D 352: Record Acceleration Up To 8543 Mhz

During the year, the Chinese overclocker wytiwyx established about ten world records in overclocking the Intel LGA775. Old single-core processor, bypassing the model AMD Vishera and Richland, overcame the barrier of 8.5 GHz.

wytiwx-Celeron-D-352-overclocking-02Asian enthusiast used one of the choicest Processor Intel Celeron D 352 , the motherboard, Asus P5E3 Premium / WiFi-AP @ n chipset X48, liquid nitrogen and thermal paste Gelid GC-Extreme. In order to increase the CPU frequency to 8543.71 MHz had to raise the Vcore to 2.16 V.

The system also were involved: RAM Avexir Core Series DDR3, 1300-watt power supply, the old video card with passive cooling, POST-card PT093C, evaporator for LN2 and brand SSD OCZ. To honor wytiwx, it in some detail describe the configuration and characteristics of the stand bench-training session.