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Characteristics of Hawaii graphics cards AMD Volcanic Islands

A number of foreign sources predict the appearance at the end of 2013 the first graphics cards AMD family Volcanic Islands. It is expected that the new items will be based on the basis of crystals using a 20-nanometer process technology TSMC. High performance “volcanic islands” will provide an increase in the number of functional blocks.

Chiphell one of the participants posted zamylennye, image that supposedly reflects the architecture of the flagship Volcanic Islands. Developed in Sunnyvale GPUHawaii through the use of a “thin” 20-nm process will be able to operate with 4096 shader programs, which are uniformly distributed between 16 streaming multiprocessors.

amd-radeon-Volcanic-Islands-02According to rumors, will also be 256 texture units, 64 blocks ROP and – attention! 512-bit memory interface with support chips GDDR5. This is explained by the need to significantly increase memory bandwidth. formal (“paper”) announcement video cards AMD Volcanic Islands will take place before the end of this year, well, the sale may be postponed until January 2014.