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MSI Showed AMD Kabini (Socket FS1b) At CES 2014

MSI Showed AMD Kabini (Socket FS1b) At CES 2014

A couple of months AMD will release energy-efficient APU Kabini in versions for a new motherboard socket FS1bQuad Athlon 5350, Athlon 5150, Sempron and dual-core Sempron 3850 2650 belong to the class of processors System on a Chip (SoC), combining the functions of CPU, video adapter, the northern and southern bridges. Fees for them to be inexpensive and simple in layout, such as illustrated below product MSI:

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On the PCB of the Mini-ITX motherboard chipset is missing, but soldered two slots for DDR3-1333 memory, individual connectors PCI-E 2.0 x16, and Mini PCI-E (for the module Wi-Fi). To connect the internal drives provides two SATA 3 Gb / s external – a pair of USB 3.0. The upcoming new product also has a three-phase power socket FS1b; on PCB connectors are ATX and ATX12V, two 4-pin fan connectors, video outputs HDMI, D-Sub, and possibly, DVI. Release platform AMD FS1b held in March this year.

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